Why did The Beliveau Group move to Keller Williams?

A lot of people have asked why The Beliveau Group moved to the Keller Williams brokerage, so I decided to put some of my thoughts down for the curious minds that have inquired!

There’s some back story here, so bear with me…

About 8 years ago, I read a book written by Gary Keller (the founder of Keller Williams) called “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”. Please don’t judge the title – the book isn’t about how to make oodles of money, it’s about how to build a sustainable business through leverage (people & systems). At the time, I thought the book had some nice ideas but I had absolutely no interest in “managing” other people. I was embarking into real estate full time after being part time in college working with another agent for a few years, and I was ready to make my solo debut!

Little did I know, in 2007, what I was in for as far as the economy and the real estate market. But that’s a story for another day!

Fast forward to 2013. In the prior year, I sold 55 homes (which equated to a sales volume of about $12.7 million). That sales production is pretty strong for a solo agent and in my case, most of my clients were buyers, which is more time intensive in the sense of spending many hours in the field. Buyers generally expect their agent to be available not only during all business hours, but also on evenings and weekends. At that point, I felt like I had barely seen my (new!) husband, that my social/family time was constantly back burnered, and that a lot of my other personal priorities were squeezed out.

This is a really common story in the real estate industry. And it’s frustrating to feel this way when you want it all. I am committed to being an elite Realtor, who gives amazing customer service & availability to her clients, but I also crave a rich and full personal life. To say the least, I felt like I was extremely successful yet constantly frustrated by the demands of being a high level salesperson.

Enter a local colleague, Seth Dailey. He had recently joined Keller Williams, which I was aware of in only a general way. I thought of KW as being like any other real estate brokerage, but what I didn’t know is that it is really a “training and coaching company, cleverly disguised as a real estate company”. Prior to our first meeting, Seth had me take a behavioral assessment called the AVA. When we got together, he went through the report with me (a process called validation) to see how accurate it was. It was a 10 out of 10. It blew me away to gain such valuable insights and I began to see how it could apply to hiring and leading other people. (For those that are curious, my AVA is 9*524-9* and my DISC is DI!).

Then, Seth brought me to a life changing class called “Recruit Select” – which trains Realtors on best practices for recruiting and vetting candidates for their teams. Up to that point, I had constantly struggled with the hiring process (I have no training or background in business or HR for that matter!) and the class and resources I got from it were a godsend. He also invited me to another class, where I met a real estate coach by the name of Christopher Hart. I was so taken with the way Chris spoke and led the class, that I started following him on Facebook, and eventually asked him to coach me.

In that same time frame, I also re-read that book  again – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (call it MREA for short) – and light bulbs went off quickly and furiously. Suddenly, I saw how the models and systems laid out were right there for me to pick up and use. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and continue to hire the wrong people in the wrong order, or create systems when someone more experienced than me had already created them.

At that point, I decided to embark on a journey of building a team the MREA way. That was the summer of 2013. Over the next two years, although I wasn’t working with Keller Williams, I began to implement a huge number of systems and models that I learned through the books and the classes. I hired 6 people to my team including sales agents, full time staff, and part time staff. Through great coaching and a lot of hard work, I learned to attract and retain incredible people to work with me. Through leadership training, I learned how to keep those people, communicate with them on a weekly basis through techniques called the KASH talk and 411 (a highly effective accountability tool), and develop meaningful relationships built on trust.

My business grew from $13 million in 2012, to $15 million in 2013, to an explosive $32 million in 2014! This year we are on track to sell over $50 million in real estate. Our big goal is $60 million and we are working like heck to GET TO OUR GOAL – and then go to Belize as a team to celebrate!! If you know ANYONE who is looking to buy or sell a home, please have them get in touch with us at 443-595-7535!

Something Keller Williams teaches you is the concept of hitting a ceiling of achievement. The idea of how to break through a ceiling of achievement is going from Entrepreneurial (what you naturally figure out how to do on your own) to Purposeful (using systems, models, tools and guidance from those who have gone before you). I have had great coaching and taken the time to get purposeful in many, many areas of my business. But by the middle of this year, I realized that our team was hitting a new ceiling. With our unimaginably quick increase in production and amount of team members, I began to see that I didn’t have enough resources to give my team members what they deserved from me. I started to see that I needed to be around great leaders to teach me how to grow The Beliveau Group exponentially. I, Tina Beliveau, hit an enormous leadership skill ceiling and spent months of this year feeling like I was banging my head against a wall!

Concurrent with my leadership headaches, I began to get to know the CEO of a local Keller Williams office by the name of Vlad Kats. As we developed a friendship, I discovered that we had a lot in common, but more importantly, Vlad had a LOT of experience to mentor me into being a fully empowered and effective leader. I was drawn to his energy, what he and his office had to offer me and my team, and also this new awareness that Keller Williams would be much needed leverage for our team. The systems, models and tools that I had figured out in a limited capacity “on my own” weren’t enough for my team. I wanted it all – faster, more easily, and with more guidance!

So, we made the wonderful decision to move our business to KW Legacy. In two short weeks, we have transitioned and settled in seamlessly. I am certain that this was the right decision. The leadership conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks are already causing a level of growth and new energy that is keeping me up at night with excitement. My mindset is more positive and clear than it’s ever been. I’ve only just begun to research the incredible tools, technology and marketing engines at our fingertips through KW. I look forward to reporting back on what I discover for myself and my team as time passes. I welcome any questions about our process as we explore our new brokerage and resources and I look forward to sharing more! For any of my colleagues that are curious to hear more about my experience, please reach out. I’d love to talk about it.

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